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Smart Fluid for Glass & Ceramic Fabrication

Automotive Glass - Flat Glass - Optical Glass - Ceramic

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Trucent’s Engineered Coolants and the EC line of revolutionary coolant products is the result of extensive research, analysis and testing regarding the unique requirements of coolant used for machining brittle materials like glass and ceramic.  Most coolants were first used for metal fabrication, and were then lazily adapted to glass and ceramic as the need arose, but Engineered Coolants’ entire focus has been on providing the world’s best coolant for machining these unique, demanding materials.

The initial applications for Engineered Coolants products include Automotive Glass, Flat Glass, Precision Optical / Lens Glass and various types of Ceramic materials.  Extensive field testing has shown substantial improvements in tool life, edge quality, and coolant life, as well as dramatic decreases in glass breakage in the tempering furnaces.  The net result of changing to Engineered Coolants is a tremendous cost savings, along with an increase in product quality and production output.

Trucent’s Engineered Coolants is revolutionizing the coolant industry and redefining the expected performance of coolant used for machining glass and ceramic.  Contact us today to see how we can improve your operations and reduce your costs and headaches!  We can be reached at