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Engineered Coolants products

Trucent’s Engineered Coolants is taking a completely new approach to producing and selling a very old product. Most industrial coolants were first used for metal fabrication, and then they were lazily adapted to glass and ceramic as the need arose.  Even though the coolant needs are very different for glass and ceramic applications, this issue has never really been questioned. For many, many years coolant has been sold on a relationship basis with very little testing, research or verification. This is very surprising based on the huge expense and critical importance of the coolant to a glass fabricator. In addition to the expense of the coolant itself, the coolant affects production volumes, product quality, the amount of scrap, the life of grinding tools and much more.  Overlooking these issues could be costing companies millions of dollars. The people behind Engineered Coolants have been involved in the coolant filtration and recycling industry for decades, so they knew this and decided it was time for a better approach.

All of Engineered Coolants products have been heavily researched, tested and proven. New coolants, and those in development, are compared to the leading coolants used in the glass and ceramics industries. Surface tension is measured, water spotting and pin hole issues are tracked, edge quality is analyzed, the life of the coolant and grinding wheels is documented, the amount of furnace breakage and scrap is recorded, and much more. We work directly with coolant developers and provide feedback and recommendations based on real world data. To be chosen as an Engineered Coolants product, it must be clearly proven to be superior to the other leading coolants. We are not interested in providing “me-too” type products, and have made a commitment to never do that.

Our close analysis, testing and verification process will never stop. All new Engineered Coolants products will always be the result of extensive research. Our primary products are coolants used for machining brittle materials like glass and ceramic, but we also provide cutting fluids and other process fluids used in these industries. The initial applications for Engineered Coolants coolants include Automotive Glass, Flat Glass, Precision Optics / Lens Glass and various types of Ceramic materials. Extensive field testing has shown substantial improvements in tool life, edge quality, and coolant life, as well as dramatic decreases in glass breakage in the tempering furnaces. The net result of changing to Engineered Coolants is a tremendous cost savings, along with an increase in product quality and production output.

Trucent’s Engineered Coolants is revolutionizing the coolant industry and redefining the expected performance of coolant used for machining glass and ceramic. Contact us today to see how we can improve your operations and reduce your costs and headaches! We can be reached at

Engineered Coolants is also producing Score, an inorganic non-flammable synthetic scoring fluid that provides for cleaner coolant and better breaks.

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