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EC-CW Select – Coolant for Cerium Wheels

CW Select is specifically designed for cerium impregnated wheels. The lubricant in coolants can defeat the very special abrasive qualities of cerium wheels used in polishing, which can create a hazy / foggy edge. CW Select does not have a lubricant, so it supports the very special polishing abrasive qualities found in cerium impregnated wheels to promote efficiency, improve edge quality, and save cost. Other benefits include reduced use concentration (25% to 50% less than other coolants), a microbial control package, enhanced soft settling additive, and reduced water spots.

Fully Synthetic, 100% soluble in water, EC-CW Select is but one formula of an entire product line of glass grinding fluids brought to you by Engineered Coolants. Designed to speed up feed rates and line speeds while offering longer sump life.

Soft Settling formula with ease of use in mind, EC-CW Select will allow your maintenance team to simply pump out swarf. The days of running chains throughout settling tanks or attacking equipment with hammers are over.

Filtration of EC-CW Select can be achieved down to 1 micron. In process, filtering down to 1 micron not only captures the preponderance of glass fines in the fluid but many types of grease and oils as well. Removing loose greases and oils puts your facilities grinding fluid in a much less susceptible position to microbial contamination on top of small fine build up and longer wheel life.

Full Metal Corrosion Protection of EC-CW Select offers ferrous / nonferrous as well as well as all yellow metals to keep tools and equipment running clean and efficiently.

Longer Service Life when EC-CW Select is maintained properly through particulate, oil & grease removal, your facility can see up to twice the sump life of many other grinding fluids on the market.

Biologically Stable utilizing only the highest quality biocides and fungicides, EC-CW Select will keep your grinding fluid free of microbial bombardment considerably longer than many of today’s grinding fluids.

EC-CW-Select properties chart

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