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The Science

All of Engineered Coolants products are based on science, and have been heavily researched, tested and proven.  Surface tension is measured, water spotting and pin hole issues are tracked, edge quality is analyzed, the life of the coolant and grinding wheels is documented, the amount of furnace breakage and scrap is recorded, and much more.  We work directly with coolant developers and provide feedback and recommendations based on real world data.  To be chosen as an Engineered Coolants product, it must be clearly proven to be superior to the other leading coolants.

Our close analysis, testing and verification process will never stop.  Extensive field testing has shown substantial improvements in tool life, edge quality, and coolant life, as well as dramatic decreases in water spotting, pin holes and glass breakage in the tempering furnaces.  The net result of changing to Engineered Coolants is a tremendous cost savings, along with an increase in product quality and production output.

Engineered Coolants is revolutionizing the coolant industry and redefining the expected performance of coolant used for machining glass and ceramic.  Contact us today to see how we can improve your operations and reduce your costs and headaches!  We can be reached at

Below are some white papers and studies from various sources on issues that affect coolant and fabrication.